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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are thinking of buying a gift voucher or have bought one already, we have outlined answers to questions that are sometimes asked. If you are not able to find the information you require, please do get in touch with us at +30 6932390252  or

Which delivery option should I choose?
At the moment we deliver only email vouchers which you could send to yourself or your baloved ones. 

When will the gift voucher(s) be received?
All email vouchers are sent immediately. 

How do I order more than 1 gift voucher?

Simply 'Add to Order' as many gift vouchers as you like by using the 'Continue browsing' button. You can also remove items from your order by using the 'Delete' button.

If you would like to purchase more than 1 of the same type of gift voucher simply click on the 'plus' button when in your basket.

You can select different email addresses, recipients and personal messages for each of the vouchers in your order.  Please follow the on-screen instructions.

My gift voucher is about to expire and I haven't used it yet.  Will I be able to extend the validity of my gift voucher?

It may be possible for us to extend the validity of your gift voucher, however we cannot guarantee this.  Please contact Avaton Luxury Villas Resort- Relais & Châteaux directly to check if it can offer an extension at +30 6932390252  or

I'm attempting to purchase a gift voucher but have received a failed transaction message ('Payment has not been accepted') at the end of the transaction.  What should I do next?

There could be several reasons why this may be happening.  Despite there being sufficient funds in an account banks occasionally decline payments due to it being unusual buying behaviour.

This can be easily rectified by contacting the bank and advising them that you are trying to make an online purchase.

Please contact Avaton Luxury Villas Resort- Relais & Châteaux directly at +30 6932390252  or

I have received a gift voucher but I don't know who it's from.  Can you tell me who bought it for me? 

Yes.  Occasionally the person buying the gift voucher may ask for the gift vouchers to be sent to the recipient directly but forget to add who the gift is from.

Avaton Luxury Villas Resort- Relais & Châteaux has all of the buyers details stored on our system so it can easily retrieve your order and tell you who purchased the gift voucher.

I've lost my gift voucher.  Can I still make a booking / redeem my experience?

Unless otherwise specified under the terms and conditions of your voucher, Avaton Luxury Villas Resort- Relais & Châteaux should be able to retrieve your gift voucher on our system by carrying out a name search so please contact us at +30 6932390252  or

I've received (or purchased) a monetary gift voucher but don't want to use it all in one transaction.  Is it possible to receive smaller denomination gift vouchers or to be given another gift voucher(s) with the remaining balance?

All gift vouchers do state that no change will be given however it may be possible for Avaton Luxury Villas Resort- Relais & Châteaux to re-process the order in smaller denominations so that you can redeem the smaller value vouchers on several occasions rather than one voucher on one occasion.


How to redeem the voucher?

Please present the voucher upon arrival.  Prices are inclusive of VAT and service charge. This certificate features a unique reference ID code, may only be redeemed once, may not be exchanged for cash (both as a whole or for smaller amounts). Please quote the gift certificate ID reference when reserving your experience with the venue (contact details are shown on this certificate). E-vouchers must be printed and presented upon arrival, redemptions cannot be within 24 hours of purchase.


Availability of services?

All bookings are subject to availability so if you have some specific dates in mind we encourage you to book your slot as soon as possible to redeem your vouceher. Terms & Conditions are subject to change.